Secret War in Portugal


This is a website about the secret war in Portugal during WW2. It focuses on the strategy and tactics of the clandestine action and the collection of information by foreign powers in this neutral country. 24 Land was the SOE [British Special Operations Executive]’s code name for Portugal.

José António Barreiros



Neutrality & Counter Espionage

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Lily Sergueiew and Elizabeth Hill

In 2006 I wrote the biography of Nataliya Sergueiew and I quoted in the book the memoirs of her cousin Dame Elizabeth Hill, published in 1999, in the book "In the Mind's Eye". In 2016…

Mary Sherer

Mary Sherer case officer of XX Committee+s Nathalie Sergueiew @ agent Treasure. After the war she moved to Rome where, with Phillys Mckenzie opened the famous Lion Bookshop, which closed in 2011. Phillys had also…
Neutrality & Counter Espionage


The Prime Minister (Mr. Churchill) I have an anouncement to make to the House arising out of the Treaty signed between this country and Portugal in the year 1373 between His Majesty King Edward III…

Podcast com Carlos Guerreiro

Carlos Guerreiro tem este site aqui, e a partir dele um podcast, no qual tivemos uma conversa sobre a minha investigação relativa às redes de espionagem em Portugal entre 1939-1945.