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Mary Sherer

By December 12, 2021Allies

Mary Sherer case officer of XX Committee+s Nathalie Sergueiew @ agent Treasure. After the war she moved to Rome where, with Phillys Mckenzie opened the famous Lion Bookshop, which closed in 2011. Phillys had also worked on MI5.

«First female agent runner, joined in 1936 aged 21 as a secretary. After a posting as PA to DSO Malta she returned to Head Office on the outbreak of war as assistant to Lord Rothschild. Rothschild was the nation’s leading authority on German and Italian sabotage methods. Mary did well and was promoted to desk officer. In 1942 she was posted to Washington as adviser on sabotage to the Head of British Intelligence and Security in North America. On her return to London the following year Mary was posted to the section responsible for turning German agents back against their masters for intelligence and deception purposes» [mi5]