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Kenneth Benton

By August 19, 2019Allies

Born in Wolverhampton (UK) in 1909; recruited to MI6 in 1937; worked in PCO in Vienna, later in Riga [Latvia, acting as Vice-Consul, from 1938 until 1940, date of occupation of the Baltic States by USSR].

From 1941 to 1944, he served in Madrid as head of counterespionage [Section V of MI6, posing as 3rd Secretary].  There he reported technically to Hamilton Stokes, Head of the Madrid SIS Station.

He had clearance to read ISOS traffic.

As a result of his work, agents Treasure, Artist, Tricycle and Garbo were exfiltrated to England to work as double agents under the control of the XX Committee.

Having worked under “Kim” Philby’s direction, the defection of the later to Moscow “blew” his cover. He continued to serve MI6 in Rome [1944-1948, 2nd and later 1st Secretary, 1950-1953], Spain [1953-1956], Peru and Brazil.

Married to Peggie Pollock Lambert.

Retired in 1968. Died in 1999.

He wrote twelve fiction books and was President of the Crime Writers Association.


Twenty-fourth Level 1969 WM Collins
Sole Agent 1970 WM Collins
Spy in Chancery 1972 WM Collins
Craig and the Jaguar 1973 Macmillan
Craig and the Tunisian Tangle 1974 Macmillan
Death on the Appian Way 1974 Chatto & Windus
Craig and the Midas Touch 1975 Macmillan
The Red Hen Conspiracy 1982 Macmillan
A Single Monstrous Act 1982 Macmillan
Time for Murder 1985 Robert Hale
Ward of Caesar 1985 Robert Hale
Greek Fire 1985 Robert Hale

He signed my copy of his memoirs. He was MI6’s man in Madrid when Miss Sergueiew applied for a visa. During a long afternoon, we talked about Garbo, Graham Greene and many others.

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