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Kim Philby


Charles de Salis

I met him some years ago in his house in the South of England. He was a kind man. He gave me all the instructions I needed to arrive there from Victoria Station, London. After…

“Klop” Ustinov

I wrote here  about the biography of Peter Ustinov's father, Ivan , written by Peter Day. Compared with what I knew from other sources, the author goes further in claiming that "Klop" was sent to Lisbon…

Kenneth Benton

Born in Wolverhampton (UK) in 1909; recruited to MI6 in 1937; worked in PCO in Vienna, later in Riga . From 1941 to 1944, he served in Madrid as head of counterespionage .  There he…

The Third Man

Orson Welles in Carol Reed’s THE THIRD MAN (1949). Courtesy: Rialto Pictures / Studiocanal Harold Russel "Kim" Philby worked with Graham Greene in Section V of MI6 . Graham Greene wrote The Third Man, published in 1950. In order to…